Governance through conformation: Case study regarding the mode of the reformation of the Central Public Administration from the Republic of Moldova calndar icon image June 1, 2009 tags icon image , , , ,

Author: Nicolae Toderaş

Abstract: The article offers a case study regarding the conformation of the central authorities from Moldova to the previsions/conditions of the EU- Republic of Moldova Action Plan – EUMAP regarding the improvement of the administrative capacity. The study case enlightens the aspect that, giving the fact that the Action Plan does not impose a judicial conditioning, but guides itself after a set of voluntary conformations, the central public authorities from Moldova are constrained to produce systemic and structural reforms with a view to the governance’s principles. The case study demonstrates that the fault of the political volition, identifies through a viable path dependence in the domain of the accession to the EU, facilitates a context of elusion from the utilization of the principles of governance in the consolidation of the internal administrative capacity and in the realization of the central public administration (CPA) reform.

Keywords: governance, Moldova, central public authorities, reform, EUMAP

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