Le Parlement Européen et la Démocratisation du Processus Décisionnel Européen calndar icon image June 1, 2009 tags icon image , , , ,

Author: Cristina Dogot, Ioan Horga

Abstract: At the dawn of the process of European integration the novelty of the approach was visible across the small number of fields taking part in the progressive move of functional integration and equally the small number of the institutions along with their quality and competences. The evolution of the process of European integration has stirred several debates pertaining to inter-institutional democracy and the general democratic deficit in the Community space. This study is aiming to argue in a descriptive manner the increasing importance of the European Parliament in the Community institutional system and at the same time, to insist on the decrease of the democratic deficit related to the decision-making process in this institution.

Keywords: Community democracy, European parliament, decision-making process, European institutional system, Treaty of Lisbon

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