Regional and Cohesion Policy as a Facilitator of Europeanization: the case of Romania calndar icon image December 10, 2009 tags icon image , , ,

Author: Alina BÂRGĂOANU & Roxana Maria DASCĂLU

Abstract: The paper seeks to analyze the complexity of the process of Europeanization by presenting the most famous approaches in the literature, its typologies and mechanisms, as well as its effects. This theoretical framework is furtherapplied to the case of Regional and Cohesion Policy. The paper’s hypothesis consists in the following logic: theimplementation of the Regional and Cohesion Policy by member states’ administration is subject to mechanisms ofEuropeanization which trigger specific effects. In order to test this hypothesis, mechanisms of Europeanization are analyzedfor the case of EU Regional and Cohesion Policy implementation. The next step consists of observing which of the effects ofEuropeanization presented in the theoretical framework are encountered in Romania, due to the EU requirements ofimplementing the Regional and Cohesion Policy. The conclusion shows that the Regional and Cohesion Policy definitely issubject to mechanisms of Europeanization, that the requirements for its implementation trigger change in the memberstates’ administrations (and even larger social groups) and, in Romania’s case, it has specific effects.

Keywords: effects of Europeanization, Europeanization, mechanisms of Europeanization, Regional and Cohesionstructural instruments

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