The Romanian Political System under the Influence of the European Union calndar icon image December 15, 2009 tags icon image , , , ,

Author: Florin ABRAHAM

Abstract: The author emphasized to analyze the relations between Romania’s European integration and transformations of political system. The main concluding observation is that European integration produces a national consensus around this objective. The effects of the integration modernization mechanisms’ variable geometry over Romania can be easily acknowledged: modernization was achieved faster and more profoundly in areas where a bureaucratic monitoring mechanism existed, where a form of communitarian acquis was present, and much slower in the space of “national sovereignty”. The party system did not witness a qualitatively radical transformation as a result of the European Union influences. After Romania’s accession to the European Union, “Brussels” quickly lost its influencing capacity over the Romanian political space.

Keywords: European Union, modernization, political parties, political system, Romania

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