Challenges and Answers for Governance in the Context of Globalization calndar icon image December 30, 2009 tags icon image , , , ,

Author: Roxana ZYMAN

Abstract: My article discusses the relationship between globalization, governance and development. Many authors consider globalization as being beneficial for humanity, but they also show its negative effects which require institutional adjustments. Although numerous researchers investigated the topic of governance, many studies present governance models which are inadequate from a global perspective or they differ among each other. Therefore, I organized a field research project on challenges for governance in the context of globalization, using sociological methods, which included international and national actors from all regions of the world. Along with a discussion on challenges, my article concludes that good governance (at national and local levels) is the prime answer to these challenges and presents a model of good governance from a global perspective. My model is the outcome of my field research and analysis of other studies. It is based on some universal principles of good governance grouped in 5 components. My results could be useful not only for stimulating the theoretical debate on globalization and development or debates on governance reforms in Central and Eastern Europe (of extreme relevance in times of financial crisis), but also in the area of international development assistance.

Keywords: Challenges for governance, development, globalization, principles of good governance, urbanization.

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