Simon Hix, Abdoul G. Noury, Gérard Roland,Politica democratică în Parlamentul European, Cluj-Napoca, CA Publishing, 2009. Reviewed by Mihaela Herbel calndar icon image December 31, 2009

Reviewed by: Mihaela Herbel

The book is a useful tool not only for researchers keen on studying topics related with the European Parliament but also for political practitioners or those who want to inform on this topic. It is a useful tool not only for describing so concisely the institution of the European Parliament and the evolution of its prerogatives from 1979 up to 2004, or for casting light on the problem often confusing of the relationship between the increase in the EP’s prerogatives and the treaties which granted these prerogatives (this is both a necessary positioning of the topic in the field of the European studies and a didactic dimension) but also for analyzing the different faces of the relation between two structural elements of the political-electoral life:party cohesion and voting discipline. For the co-authors and for any practitioner of politics things are clear:the two elements are mutually depending upon the efficiency of the other and together can or cannot generate political success.

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