Absorption of European Funds in Romania. An instance of Europeanization by Evasion calndar icon image June 1, 2010 tags icon image , , , ,

Authors: Alina Bârgăoanu,Roxana Maria Dascălu

Abstract: The article starts from the idea that the absorption of the Structural Instruments and of the rural development related funds available for Romania in the 2007-2013 has become nearly an “obsession”. This – among other things–is a source of blindness to other European funds, the so-called Community Programmes. The rate of participation of Romanian institutions to such programmes is rather low, which has some far-reaching effects. The case is analyzed against the theoretical framework provided by theories, mechanisms and effects of Europeanization.

Keywords: Community Programmes, Regional and Cohesion Policy Europeanization, Romania, Structural Instruments, thematic policies.

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