An Innovative Pattern in Political Science: The Security Governance Approach calndar icon image December 10, 2010 tags icon image , , , , ,

Author: Claudiu-Laurenţiu Ţabrea*

The present study aims to explain and analyze this new pattern within the security studies – the security governance – into a descriptive and interpretative manner and suggests it as an alternative for solving and managing the security issues, the risks and threats that are much more diverse and complex in the current international system. The Security Governance is a recent approach, still in an evolving phase, which determined its appearance in the specialists’ debates in the context of globalization, actually combining the concept of security (understood in its broadest sense) with the notion of governance. To show the applicability of this new approach, we have focused on a case study, analysing the level reached by the security governance in the Wider Black Sea Area on two dimensions: the security sector within the littoral states and the regional level.

Key-words: cooperative security, governance, non-conventional threats, security,security sector reform, Wider Black Sea Area.

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