The role of national parliaments in the European decision-making process after the Treaty of Lisbon The EU early-warning system for subsidiarity control calndar icon image June 1, 2011 tags icon image , , ,

Romanian Review of European Governance Studies(RREGS)

Author: Corina Turşie & Ciprian Niţu

Abstract: The Lisbon Treaty introduced an early-warning mechanism for subsidiarity control, which formally gave an institutional procedure to enforce the subsidiarity principle. This mechanism has been developed as a way to increase the national parliaments input in the European system of governance, but, beyond that formal competence, the system proves to be of little practical relevance because it presents some weaknesses and does not bring a relevant shift inside the traditional institutional triangle designed for making decisions for the EU. The method used to reach such a conclusion is the analysis of the early-warning system for subsidiarity along four key elements of an efficient mechanism of risk prevention.

Keywords: Early-Warning System, European Union, national parliaments, subsidiarity.

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