Book review: Simona Piattoni, The Theory of Multi-level governance: Conceptual, Empirical, and Normative Challenges, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010. Reviewed by Oana-Andreea Ion calndar icon image June 15, 2011

Romanian Review of European Governance Studies(RREGS)

Reviewed by: Oana-Andreea Ion

The book to be reviewed here – The Theory of Multi-level Governance. Conceptual, Empirical, and Normative Challenges – subscribes to the same endeavour of analyzing the EU governance, this time in its multi-level form. The subject of the book is largely debated within the EU studies, especially in the last decade, as many scholars continued Gary Marks’ initial work and brought valuable contributions to this field through studies oriented either towards some general characteristics of the multi-level governance (MLG) or to its specific manifestations within the EU system[i]. The importance of Simona Piattoni’s work lies in her effort to systematise these different meanings and approaches of MLG through a three-dimensional based study (theoretical, empirical and normative), whose red thread is the aim to argue in favour of a theory of multi-level governance.


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