Experimentalist Governance in the European Union: Towards a New Architecture. By Charles F. Sabel and Jonathan Zeitlin. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010 calndar icon image December 1, 2011

Reviewed by: Alexander A. Caviedes

Experimentalist governance in the European Union has occupied academics for over 15 years, yet the subject still suffers from the twin perceptions that it is infrequently utilised and that unenforceable ‘soft law’ measures have limited efficacy. The co-editors of this volume have been at the centre of efforts to document and understand this development for nearly this entire period, and therefore are well poised to assess the state of experimentalist governance in the EU. Sabel has focused on experimental regionalism and democratic deliberation measures, while Zeitlin established a forum for research on the open method of coordination during his time at the University of Wisconsin.

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