Herman van Rompuy. An Analysis of the First Presidential Mandate calndar icon image June 1, 2012

Author:  Devis Ailoae

Abstract: The Lisbon Treaty which came into force in December 2009 offered juridical personality to the European Union. An equally important thing brought by the new Treaty is the position of President of the European Council. He chairs the meetings of the chiefs of state or government of the member states. The institution has the role of creating the necessary impulses for the development of the European construction. The present approach has as goal the analysis of Herman van Rompuy’s first mandate at the Presidency of the European Council. The main theme we will focus on is the stability of the euro area, implicitly the economic recovery of the European Union. From this point of view, we are interested in the actions of the European Council’s President for the harmonization of the member states’ opinions and the way in which he managed or failed to be a voice heard by the leaders of the member states.


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