Shaping the European Milieu: Germany and the European Neighborhood Policy calndar icon image June 1, 2012 tags icon image , , , ,

Author: Andreea Crina Horea

Abstract: The article proposes an analysis of the ENP, of its goals and commitments, of its instruments and effects through the “eyes” of one of the EU’ s main founder states:Germany, rising the one important question: What is and what shall Germany’s part in the ENP be? My answer will be a summary of the analysis of four aspects of the German implication in the ENP: what are its interests in the ENP, considering the political change from Schroeder and his commitment to Russia (“Petersburg Dialogue), restraining Germany’s interests towards the East to Angela Merkel and the New Ostpolitik, promoting a new German view, independent of Russia’s will; furthermore, how does Germany see the ENP, proposing a comparison of the different approaches of the problem: the Christian-democratic one (Merkel) or the social-democratic one (Steinmeier).

Keywords:European Neighborhood Policy, Germany, national interests, key
partner, “Russia first”

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