Author guidelines

Manuscripts should be written in English, French or Italian, following the style of our journal, as presented in the author guidelines. The manuscripts must be submitted via e-mail to Natalia Cuglesan ( or

The article must be original and cannot be sent to other journals as long as The Romanian Review of European Governance Studies has not communicated its opinion on the results of the “peer review” process. Also, separately of the paper, please fill out the manuscript submission form, which will include the full address of the author, an abstract not exceeding 200 words and the Key words. In case there are two or more authors, please indicate the one to whom the correspondence should be directed. The deadlines for submission are the following:

  • March 15, for the first issue( June)
  • September 15, for the second issue (December)

Book reviews:

We also publish book reviews and the maximum admitted length is of 800-1000 words. They must highlight the following:

  • Presentation of the book(author, title, year of publication, number of pages, ISBN and the price)
  • The importance of the paper for the field of interest
  • Relevant information on the author(other papers published on the respective topic)
  • The approach of the book
  • The methodology used by the author
  • The book content
  • At the end of the text it should also be mentioned: the author of the book review, the institutional affiliation and academic title)