The Romanian Review of European Governance Studies
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Citizenship, the Road towards the European Union

Frontpage calendar image June 1, 2009

Author: Luigi Moccia
The concept of European citizenship grew in importance as a research topic in the academic and public debates, especially after the entry into force of the Maastricht Treaty. The paper seeks to analyze the featuresof the European citizenship in close relation with core values like dignity, freedom, equality, solidarity andjustice. The European citizenship is also approached from the perspective of its functions within the Europeanintegration process : 1) to operate as a framework legitimising the united Europe; 2) to ensure that private individuals have full legal status; 3) to motivate and reinforce the formation of a European cultural identity; 4)to postulate and justify a capacity to participate in decision-making processes in a European framework on thepart of (groups of) individual citizens, i.e. civil society. From a more technical angle (and not just in terms ofvalue), the benefit of having Union citizenship as a basic reference framework legitimizing the jurisdiction ofCommunity institutions to intervene, through measures of standardization and harmonization above all in thefield of private law, is provided by its nature – as we explained earlier – as a “complement” to nationalcitizenship

Keywords: cultural identity, European citizenship, European Union, fundamental rights, national citizenship