The Romanian Review of European Governance Studies
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Europeanization of Administrative Law with a view to Hungary

Frontpage calendar image December 1, 2010

Author: Anita Boros

The Europeanization of administrative law is a prominent issue in public administration: the problem, however, is well beyond administrative law. The effect of Community law on member state administration beyond administrative law is also an issue of constitutional and state law, as well as of political science.The effect of the implementation of Community law, Community court rulings and the specific internal administration of Community organs, the organs serving the enforcement of Community law and established in the member states (e.g.: agencies) on member state administration is getting more and more evident. Our article attempts to introduce the general issues of the Europeanization of administrative law, the issues emerging in connection with the Lisbon Treaty, and the administrative sectors where the effect of Community law is the most obvious, so we are examining the most important Community and domestic interfaces with procurement law and the role of the Internal Market directive simplifying the administrative procedure.As a conclusion we can say that more and more areas of public administration are affected by the administrative provisions of EU. The effect of such provisions is partly direct, partly indirect, but still perceptible. Regarding the examined areas of public administration we can state that the role of national (member state) public administration is changing and this is influencing the freedom of the public administration authorities and thus the question of state sovereignty as well.