The Romanian Review of European Governance Studies
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The rehabilitation process of “Simion Bărnuțiu” Park and the Casino building from Cluj- Napoca -Aspects of urban governance-

Frontpage calendar image June 1, 2013

Author: Alexandra Almășan, Raluca Luțai, Cristina Ion

This paper aims to research the rehabilitation process of “Simion Bărnuţiu” central park and the Casino building in Cluj-Napoca in terms of aspects of urban governance. Throughout the paper we will focus on defining and understanding the concept of urban governance by discovering the history of the area through qualitative and quantitative tools, which will allow us to draw some conclusions about the way in which the rehabilitation process worked and other things concerning the citizens’ satisfaction regarding this issue. The conclusions that we reached at the end of the paper are the result of content analysis and the application of an online questionnaire.