The Romanian Review of European Governance Studies
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Police intelligence – the road towards a European Model

Frontpage calendar image December 1, 2011

Author: Robert D. Marin

In a time of difficult economic and financial conditions, the sophistication and globalisation of the organised crime, equally affecting the communities in the Member States and throughout the European Union, require, more than ever, the creation of a European space of security and justice. This is to be achieved through the consolidation of the cross-border police cooperation based on the development of proven models of national policing and the integration of already established EU framework and instruments within the area of justice and home affairs. All this have been reinforced, over the last decade, by a “golden thread” represented by a strengthened exchange of police information in the EU. This paper seeks to analyse the current state of play at the EU level in terms of adopting, developing and implementing a European Police Intelligence Model as a part of Internal Security Strategy of the European Union.