The Romanian Review of European Governance Studies
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The Transport Success Story: Europeanization in The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania

Frontpage calendar image June 1, 2011

Author: Eleanor E. Zeff & Ellen B. Pirro
Abstract: This paper explores the nature of success in EU transport policy implementation in three of the newer Eastern member states, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, to see how their governments and administrations are integrating with the European Union. It utilizes the concept of Europeanization (as used by the European Union) to examine how multi level governance works for this one sector of policy implementation. In particular, we focus on supra national, national and regional inputs and development to explain how these nations are integrating their transport sectors within their nations and with the European Union. Our case histories show three different stages of transport sector development: the great progress in the Czech Republic; the plans and programs created by Slovakia with the European Union which should bring notable success within the next five years; and the initial stages of Romania’s efforts in the transport area.

Key words: European Union, multi-level governance, Romania, Slovakia, transport policy